Sunset at the Beach

"A space to breathe, to stop. To speak and be listened to. To not know what to say. To feel selfish, silly, weak. To be sad, stumped, angry. Tired, impatient, hopeless. Any or all of these, and not be alone."



Denise Spinney,

I believe it is a rare and valuable experience to have the time and space to speak without being advised, criticised or judged. And for what you say to be met with compassion and acceptance. This is what I offer, for as long as you need. Whatever you bring, I meet you where you are. I have found this experience holds the key to change: the change you seek, at your pace and in your own way. I offer you my curiosity, noticing, warmth and understanding. I help you make sense of the thoughts, behaviours and feelings that seem to rule you so that in time you feel you get to choose how you feel, decide what to act on.

Pampas Grass


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Did you know UK law doesn't require counsellors to be trained or qualified? When looking for a counsellor I strongly advise you check their credentials eg BACP, UKCP. This indicates the counsellor adheres to the professional code of conduct and ethical standards of the relevant body as well as enshrining a requirement for ongoing learning.