When life gets tough, who can you talk to?
If friends and family can’t help, talk to me.
I have the experience and understanding to work through what's troubling you, respectfully, thoughfully, compassionately.



Denise Spinney,


People are amazing – they intuitively develop the tools they need to survive in whatever environment they find themselves. That goes for whatever thoughts or behaviours bring you here today. Whether that’s anger, jealousy, hopelessness, self-loathing, addictive behaviours, chronic anxiety, depression, eating issues, controlling behaviour, self-harm, selfishness, risk taking, sexual issues – the list goes on. Each and every behaviour is part of your survival strategy, developed often out of awareness, to manage your very particular situation.
I know it sounds hard to believe that such ‘negative’ responses could ever be helpful. Maybe not in your life now – that’s why you’re here after all – but they most certainly were and more than that, they speak of your inner resilience, adaptability and strength.
The good news is we can reveal and re-focus those inner resources of yours to move you to a better place: one where you have more choice as to the person you want to be in the world today. If that interests you – even if you want to ask just how that can be possible in your case – that’s something I welcome exploring with you.


Space to talk

My room is a private, calm space 10 minutes walk from Stroud town centre along the canal path, or 5 minutes by road.



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Did you know UK law doesn't require counsellors to be trained or qualified? When looking for a counsellor be sure tocheck their credentials eg BACP, UKCP. This indicates they adhere to the professional code of conduct and ethical standards of the relevant body as well as enshrining a requirement for ongoing learning.